A dark and gloomy winter’s day

(Photo by Robin. 2007)

It’s a dark and gloomy winter’s day. A day when the crows come to call. And to caw, chattering in the trees, consorting with the likes of other blackbirds such as the common grackle.

As I take my afternoon walk, my hair starts to curl from what a friend calls the mizzle. It’s too much to be called a mist yet not enough to be called a drizzle: a mizzle. The moisture feels good, soaking into my skin. The temperature is once again unseasonably warm, yet there is a hint of winter in the air, the cold weather that will move in a few days from now.  I can smell it, you know, the weather that’s yet to come.  It’s an odd talent, smelling the weather.  But a handy one, too.

A crow flies ahead of me on my walk. I wonder where he’ll lead me if I decide to keep following him.


~ by Robin on January 14, 2007.

4 Responses to “A dark and gloomy winter’s day”

  1. SEED: “It’s an odd talent”

    FITZ Title: Soon no crows to follow

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    “Odd” is relative, of course –
    and I do not accept ‘strange’,
    as all people could do this once,
    but have forgotten.

    Instead this word contasts with ‘even’,
    as thr masses seek average
    and sameness in everything.

    The bell curve will get trimmed
    until only ‘normal’ remains,
    and there are no talents,
    or gifts or artistry –

    . . . . . . . Bard of Lemuria

  2. You must live around the corner from me! Perhaps we passed on that walk. I did see an eagle from the sanctuary down the river. He was looking for a snack. The crows grow silent when the eagle is around.

  3. Deeper in to the woods Robin. You should join some of us at
    And as I write the ravens are cawing loudly so I guess we are all in the same place. Magical really!

  4. Atmospheric.

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