In the Silence

^^ when I first thought about entering the Woods, the image I saw was of somebody being blown into the woods, so here goes.


The wind nudges impatiently at me, tousling and ruffling my hair into an even worse mess than it already is usually; I can see the fallen leaves ahead of me twirling around gracefully in the Dance of the Wind. There’s no point in hesitating now, I tell myself. The door has been opened for me, and all I have to do is step in (a leap of courage, perhaps).

I take the first step, and then the second and the third, and before I know it, I am under the cool shade of the trees, and it is impossible to hold back the gasp of delight at the beauty of the Woods. The Murmuring Woods is everything I imagined, and more; it is a glorious expanse of lush trees, brimming with greenery and colour and life everywhere I look…

I should be feeling lost now, but right now, even before I move deeper into the Woods with the leaves in their intricate dance around me, I can feel that I am going to love this place. I’m not a tree-hugger by nature or inclination, yet I suddenly had the urge to fling my arms around a tree trunk, to press my face against the rough bark and feel the life moving within the tree.

I’m alone in the Woods, but not by myself, which suits me perfectly. In the silence clear of any other human voices for the moment, I feel the thrumming of the lives in the Woods, a highly infectious undercurrent of vitality and energy.

In the silence, I just stand there in the breeze, enjoying.


~ by ennuye on January 12, 2007.

5 Responses to “In the Silence”

  1. Welcome, Ennuye, and enjoy! Love this – “I’m alone in the Woods, but not by myself, which suits me perfectly.” Just brilliant.

  2. FITZ SEED: “In the silence clear”

    of the five senses all may “clear;”
    wiping eyes of tear –
    a swirl of wine ‘tween bites –
    a sniff, with tilted head –
    rubbing fingers together –
    and cupping hand to ear …

    and of other senses known
    as “empathy,” “third eye” and such –
    a quieting of your soul calls
    for echoes of silence,
    and chimes of cherish.

    . . . . . . . . . . . . Bard of Lemuria

  3. The dance of the wind. That might just inspire a drawing Ennuye. And welcome to the woods. I am sure the wind has done you a favour.

  4. You must spend some time in the Hills-I have and I know this feeling. I’m wondering what you’ll find next…
    Anita Marie

  5. thank youu for the comments ^^
    (the Hills? -blink-)

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