The Call


The wild woods,
the wild woman
has been calling me,
that I
explore the shadow lands.
I know
I do not have to go alone
Loyal canines
accompany me
my ears, eyes,
my intuition.

But first
I relinquish

The door keeper smiles
an irresistible, coquettish smile
that makes me hesitate

she gives me a key to the door
in the tree…


~ by Heather Blakey on January 11, 2007.

10 Responses to “The Call”

  1. Amazing images.

  2. SEED: “I fearlessly explore the shadow lands”


    the shadows are not of darkeness,
    but of mystery where knowledge
    does not get go —
    and to explore an instinctual call …

    go ‘fear less lie’ alone
    or with fine companions;
    for ‘fear’ but does show you where
    to start the cut with Occam’s Razor,
    and pare aware the assumptions
    that are but lies to self.

  3. I agree, the images are stunning.

  4. Really powerful drawings Heather.

  5. WOW!! These drawings are absolutely incredible!!! It looks like the Shadow land is your domain for the moment. WOW!!!

  6. Who could resist those eyes, those demanding, calling eyes? We are surely in your thrall!

  7. Sybil, dear, another person came into my office today and commented on your images I have on magnets. Everyone who sees them are drawn to them and comment on the layers of symbolism they see in each. I gotta get me so more!

  8. Lovely work Heather. The first image is my favorite. When Baba yaga calls, there is no denying her, eh?

  9. Wow! Thanks everyone! Now I am all inspired. Thanks so much eveyone and Lori, I am so thrilled that your collegues are noticing the layers of symbolism. That is wonderful!

  10. I know these shadow lands well – having explored them for four long years – they hold many challenges and many riches…

    Wild Blessings on your Journey into the Wild Woman of you.

    And as always the art is what keeps me coming back, over, and over, and over…

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