Seed Canopy

Enchanteur Seed Canopy

A canopy of seeds seem to have appeared out of nowhere…Enchanteur must be working in the Murmuring Woods.

Bottlebrush pods

(copyright Imogen Crest 2007.)


~ by imogen88 on January 11, 2007.

8 Responses to “Seed Canopy”

  1. “and he girds his loins with armor faire,
    of links of chain that challenge dare,
    and casts a gauntlet on the meadow
    that will seed the right that all shall know.”

    from ‘The Rite of Aldric’ 2001

  2. Monika, What kind of tree is this? I’ve never seen this before. It is so “otherworldly”.

  3. I’m wondering what kind of tree it is, too. It’s fascinating.

  4. Yes, Monika, what kind of tree? It’s an amazing picture.

  5. What an incredible tree! It looks quilted with seed pods.

  6. Unbelievable Monika. I would name the tree if I could but I am not sure and will leave it to you darling. I suspect it is T Tree but I may be right off the mark. Whatever, it provides amazing protection and will shield those who come in to the woods.

  7. Fascinating, isn’t it? I have identified it as a very old bottlebrush Australian native(callistemon) — you may all be interested to note that it carries the seed pods from previous springs, in other words, it holds it’s own floral history in it’s canopy. The newest pods are at the outer edges, and oldest are within the thickest growth inside the canopy, closest to the trunk. In this way, it is like an archetypal family/journey tree, carrying it’s own story, so to speak. It also grows very well coupled with an old climbing rose that has joined with it over the years, so these two cohabitate together quite happily. The branches of each have become entwined. Nice kind of picture, I think 😉 Heather, T Trees can be very similar, also, in shape and size, and also have some fascinating behaviours. Will post more on melaleucas, also.

  8. wow. Seed pods? When do they fall off the tree? They look fairly large-more than two inches? I wonder if they would be good pods to put inside a rainstick?

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