With You

My lover,
You touch me as if
I were delicately hewn
From ivory alabaster.

My lover,
Your rhythm sends me
To travel amongst the stars
And sigh with the moon.

Your kiss,
Is succulent fruit
Ripe and divine on my lips
Dripping with carnal ardor.

Your kiss,
Causes my mouth to water
And my body to tremble.

My lover,
You are my best friend;
I find that all the cliches
About Desire are true

When I’m with you


~ by Sarah Ann on January 10, 2007.

4 Responses to “With You”

  1. Particularly with passion, cliches are true. That’s what made ’em cliches, but wow, are they true!

  2. Being in love is so fantastic for juicing up the poetry!

  3. I think being in love juices up just about everything in life. I might have to go find my lover after reading this. 😉

  4. ah the passion. I know it well. thanks Ninja

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