Come With Me Now

Come With Me Now—

My mind is at peace as I lay here in the sun,
my back on the grass in a meadow of gold.
So high in the mountains and near to the Gods,
belonging to Nature and life all around.
The orchestra plays,
the music is sweet.

The forest below in green every hue
is home to only a specialized few—
the deer and the elk, the wildcat, the hawk.
They’re companions of mine as I rest from a walk.
Tiny flowers around look so terribly frail
but they’re stronger by far
and stand many a gale.

Come with me now
to soothe tortured minds
and heal life’s deep scars.
Come join me, my friends,
on mountains so fresh.
Come smell the wild flowers
and reach for a star.
Make true your dreams
of peace, love, and care,
so precious a gift
that today is so rare.

Come with me now—

Vi Jones
©January 9, 2007



~ by woodnymph on January 10, 2007.

9 Responses to “Come With Me Now”

  1. this sounds an echanting prospect

  2. Thanks for linking Mountain and Song together —
    a journey to the ‘face of God’. I have used this metaphore,

    but rarely so clearly as this poem.


  3. Lovely. And a very tempting invitation.

  4. What a healing voice you have in this poem. Comforting, too!

  5. Ahhhh. Its like taking a breath of deep fresh air. Wonderful!

  6. Beautiful, Vi, just beautiful.

  7. An extraordinary piece, Vi.

  8. Excellent Vi and I am so impressed that you are mastering the dreaded WordPress. High fives darling

  9. Thank you all for your kind comments. I enjoyed writing this one… it contains so many memories of times I spent in the mountains.

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