The Romantic


This is a poem I wrote years ago – it is lurking around somewhere on the web, but being in the Murmuring Woods made me think of it and dig it out again.

If only life, instead of being drab and commonplace,
Could be adventurous again, a song;
If genie’s lamps could still be bought for coppers
In the marketplace
And a prince in silken robes could mingle
With the throng
Of common people.
They would see him set forth with sword in hand,
And Heaven’s Grace,
And I, his faithful squire,
To seek the Questing Beast – dragon – unicorn –
And rest by night with stars aloft
As music drifts like woodsmoke
From a silver horn.

Tis true, such glamor’d things
In our time cannot be –
But look beneath this dull cloth.
You might see,
A flash of gold,
A glimpse of gorgeous tapestry.


~ by Gail Kavanagh on January 7, 2007.

5 Responses to “The Romantic”

  1. Wow Gail. This is just lovely. Now you have gone and made me all dreamy. Enchanteur and Sibyl will think they are finally having an effect on me. 🙂

  2. Glorious. Lovely to see the unicorn in the Woods surrounded by green.

  3. a wonderful reminder that one can
    forge their future by changing their past —
    just go back and slay some dragons as a child —
    or remember the times you did.


  4. A beautifukl memory of childhood dreams. Why can’t we as adults hang on to such imaginings.

  5. Lovely memories of child hood- but it is possible to hang onto those dreams…..a little…. memory books and then well i shall be seeing that copper lamp and sheen of gold amongst tapestry shops in th enot too distant future

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