Lost again

Hurrying to Twelfth light, I turned on the wrong path. Being new in the Murmuring Woods is exciting, but it can be frustrating to wind up in the wrong place. Particularly when there is a party happening! And I brought a dish of savory cashews! Roased with rosemary, sugar, salt, and pepper, the cashews have a delightful flavor that seems to welcome new opportunites.

Now where is that celebration?  Oh, wait, there’s a clearing, that must be it! But no. . .it’s not. I come closer. A flock of starlings flies overhead. I hear them whistling and rattling around. I stepped into the clearing and. . .another new sight! Rows of formal columns gathered under the sky. No roof, no floor, just the columns. Topped with starlings. They are at home here.
Once again, I don’t know. That’s one of the wonders here. You don’t always have to know. Sometimes you can just stand and let understanding wait 10 feet away from you and feel content. Maybe it will come closer, maybe it will recede. But you don’t have to know it all at once. Perfect!          —-Inkspirit arboretum columns


~ by QuinnCreative on January 7, 2007.

4 Responses to “Lost again”

  1. Yes Inkspirit that is it! Perfectly said! Let us, as Rilke says, live the questions, and relinquish the need for definite answers. Can’t help wondering which party you will be dancing at tonight…perhaps some wood nymphs have been whispering your name on the breeze and are hiding in the shadows behind the columns….

  2. It is the search which is half the fun Quinn. Evocative description – especially of the starlings flying overhead.

  3. In my real world I know precisely where I am (if not where I am going) but it’s always a delight to fly off like a starling simply trusting that when I stop I will have arrived.

  4. Yes, the sense of mystery, not quite knowing, yet persisting with the search is definitely it.

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