Twelfth Night


Word has reached the woods. Everyone is talking about the new residents at Riversleigh coming to celebrate twelfth night. Can this really be possible? The trees, mushrooms, sprites, fairies are all a flutter. Cecily’s daughter has bought a crowd and the old days have returned. Joy oh joy! There will be lots of food, song and dance and perhaps there will even be a pageant!


~ by Heather Blakey on January 6, 2007.

5 Responses to “Twelfth Night”

  1. News is spreading through the woods and Riversleigh!

  2. As a child in Wales Twelfth Night was always special to me. It was a celebration after the celbration of Christmas. Now I live in the United States where Twelfth Night has lost its magic. We used to keep our Christmas tree and decorations up until Twelfth Night, but here, we take them down right after New Year. My partner can’t wait to get everything down and put away on the first of January… that is one of the few disagreements we have had over the years. But I remember in my mind, those magical nights of so long ago, and I always say a silent prayer on that special night… a prayer of thanks for the memory and that I was raised when and where such things were important.

  3. That’s how we spent out twelfth night, gently tucking away the ornament, having a piping hot cup of cocoa. Our tree was put up on Christmas eve, presents handed out just before dinner at the unveiling of the tree (which was decorated without the presence of children – sometimes behind a sheet hung up accross the doorway – the work being done by the angels with a little help from mom. Father would take the kids out to play or a movie until about 6 pm when all was set. A little bell was rung to let the kids know it was allright to come out.

    We also had a small tree and each day of christmas the kiddies would have a small present to open – a cute pen – a ball – something small but thoughtful. My daughter is continuing on with this tradition. Some of our family (married in) were originally from the Othodox Eastern churches and celebrate Christmas today, at least with our tradition the tree was still their for them as well.

  4. Glorious images.

  5. These are fabulous!

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