Cecily’s Secrets


The woodland folk surround Sibyl as she prepares to unlock the red journal and discover some of her mother’s secrets. Cecily Riversleigh was a creature of the woods and the woodland people are sure that Sibyl will follow her lead. They are excited because the woods are coming alive again. The old realm is not dead after all.


~ by Heather Blakey on January 4, 2007.

2 Responses to “Cecily’s Secrets”

  1. Gosh, these small ones are a delight. I love their little faces. Well, what secrets will come out of the red book, I wonder? The old realm isn’t dead after all. Amazing image.

  2. SEED: “The old realm is not dead after all”

    A Wood-Pixy Fitz

    the root of “real’ is from the French “realme,”
    with relation to ‘government’,
    but we can play with ‘real-me’,
    which can never be dead,
    or of age at all –

    as life’s experienced brings rebirth
    with each new dawn, ‘after all’,
    as one listens to ancient whispers
    of trees and rocky copse and water fall –
    and sings!

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