Dark Secret


Horace Riversleigh found Cecily when he was riding through the Murmuring Woods. He rode into a glade and saw the most beautiful creature he had ever seen swimming in the blue pool. Cecily, sensing no danger, had become a maiden and left her raven wings by the pool. Horace scooped these up and put them in his saddle bag.  Poor, earth bound Cecily had no choice but to go with him and although she pleaded that Horace return her wings he never did.


One day, not long after Sibyl was born, the whispering trees told her that the wings were in the small  cottage. She hurried to the cottage, claimed her wings and became a raven again. Sibyl knows that she only has to come to the cottage and sit under the listening tree, call her mother’s name and she will appear. Little wonder that this knowledge has sustained her over the years.


~ by Heather Blakey on January 3, 2007.

3 Responses to “Dark Secret”

  1. in my recent reaerch for y new book of which the postings of Trigor on Grand Tour are formative, I have discovered from several sources that the the word “darK” as used in Bible Scripture and Echlisiastic writings is a mistranslation of “mystery.” A “dark place” was simple an ‘unknown land,” and a “dark visage” implied “unknown emotions” expressed in facial exression. Both “light and dark” — and eventually “whate/black” became linked with good/bad in the 17th century.

    SO, melady, I will venture into ylur places of mystery, casying a little light that the essential shadows will reval the texture of your secrets.


  2. Extraordinary. Fabulous pic.

  3. Very powerful

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