In memory of Woods


I take daily walks, a call to life. For variety, I often drive to a new neighborhood, park and walk different streets. I enjoy seeing what people have done with their yards and homes. Today I stopped in the middle of a whistled tune. There rose up before me a giant mountain cedar. These normally exist in a narrow Sierra belt between 2000- 3700 feet elevation. There are a few unexplained exceptions like Lake Tahoe at 6000 feet, but I had never seen one in the low lands like Sacramento.

I walked up to the door — old fashioned knocker. An aging man appeared. “I was wondering if I might hug your tree?” First a piercing gaze, then a gleeful laugh. He followed me to the miracle. I snuggled close against the fuzzy, ruddy bark and stretched out — it is perhaps four feet in width. Warmth. Passion from above. Energy from the earth. Perhaps something special exists because the bark will not burn — these trees are often the only life left standing after a forest fire. I only know of the special memories of mine connected to these trees. I proposed to my first wife of 36 years under one. I saved a woman’s life in a small grove. I heard Mahalia Jackson sing beneath a cedar. I stopped on a hike to help a frail man shrive bark shingles to repair his ‘hide away cabin’. Oh the whispering cedars — hear their song. I would wish my ashes to be place at their rooted feet.

Many religions shun the beliefs of the Druids, Shinto, Muslims and others. Why don’t they quit bickering and preaching ‘against’, and just go hug a tree?


~ by faucon on January 2, 2007.

2 Responses to “In memory of Woods”

  1. A wonderful tree-hugging tale. Hope we amass a big collection of these!

  2. Cypress Trees have special significance for me faucon. They saved me over fourty years ago and I will always be indebted to their protective boughs and trunk.

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