Freedom of the Woods

Well, here’s a odd thing…. woods and forest do not evoke within me the mysteriousness or the fear that they do with a lot of folks. (For me, the desert is a better nature metaphor).


For me woods and forest represent freedom, freshness, rejuvenation, and a fecundity of spirit.  Maybe that’s the “magic” of the trees for me.


Image:  Lori Gloyd (c) 2007


~ by Pelican1 on January 2, 2007.

3 Responses to “Freedom of the Woods”

  1. Lovely thoughts. The trees have been talking.

  2. I agree that the trees are protective while in the desert one is very vulnerable and exposed. Lovely image Lori.

  3. There is a clefted opening in the woods, I know —
    a dale perhaps, or dimple in Her smile,
    where fragrant grass will welcome me,
    and fir tips entwine to make my bed.
    Patchwork shadows of golden warmth
    will dance across my face and soul,
    while swaying, feather towered fingers
    flirt with cloud peeped azure eyes.

    ever here a Fitz, — papa

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