Eternal Forest


Within the eternal forest of rain,

I wander alone,

lost in the shadows.


Tendrils of moss reach to entangle,

draw me into moist green caverns

from which I might never emerge.


Trees growing from the decay of their nurturing mothers,

the fallen giving life to the new.

Moss draped branches restricting my view.


Green in one hundred thousand shades

punctuated only by shadows

beyond which green is supreme.


The constant drip from branches above

like the tick of an old fashioned clock

dripping my life away.


I search for the sky

but all that I see are canopies of green.

I am surrounded above and beneath


by lush vegetation.

that smothers my psyche

as do rivulets with long grasses flowing.


Green reflecting pools

are the eyes

into the soul of the forest,


they draw me.

Shall I let go?

I’m tempted.


Release me,

Forest of Rain.

For return now I must


to sunshine and sky.

I will never forget you,

Forest of


for you are the cradle of being,

the keeper of secrets,

my life.


Vi Jones

(c) December 2006


~ by woodnymph on December 31, 2006.

2 Responses to “Eternal Forest”

  1. This is a terrific poem! wow!

  2. Beautiful piece, thanks for persevering with it. Very worthwhile.

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