Awaiting Breakfast

On Sunday mornings Emmie usually makes breakfast,
and I have a few moments free to wander in these woods …



I have heard of Earth an ancient call
unto Mind and Heart and Spirit all,
that only two of these four my join
at once in balanced view of life’s pain.

Yet, each bound Element of Being
must have its moment of knowing,
that mem’ries, values and character
blend amalgam of what may matter.

Of this I wander through murm’ring wood
to embrace the marriage as I should
of twenty-four views of things unknown,
found each to all in faire proportion.

I notice the brook beguiling there,
Mindful to offer a Goddess prayer
for Earth’s cycling of misted tears,
filtered by sands of toils and fears.

I whistle a tune of Heartfelt joy
to call hidden Spirit forth to play,
that song and shadow might now reveal
the texture of soul ephemeral.

and all of you, dear friends
can verse the rest
in silent journey
as ye may.


~ by faucon on December 31, 2006.

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