All the Whispers

Such syncrosity this –
that I should find this new blog
with attendant scope of explanation
after being up since 2:30 AM writing
of just such things …

as part of a new book in the making,
“Fain, Faire, Sooth”,
of which one theme is
listening to whispers
from other Realms of Knowledge,
including trees –

not as some magickal bent,
or attempt to abrogate accountability
through whimsied divination –

but a natural Given of Covenant,
long forgotten or denied,
that life’s decision must be a balance
‘tween what you know and may need to learn,
resolved in synthesis
of ALL the voices we are meant to hear.



~ by faucon on December 31, 2006.

4 Responses to “All the Whispers”

  1. Well said, indeed.

  2. True

  3. Oh yes… When my middle daughter was three she drew a pciture of a whimsical creature- when i asked her what the creature was she said “it is a tree spirit”- it had wings and a sturdy body and I put it on a quilt and that quilt sold almost the moment i made it- there are many tree spirits out there-it’s why we always tap/pat our favourite trees when we walk past.

  4. yes … after my own heart

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