Woods Beyond Riversleigh

Chestnut Tree

Beyond Riversleigh Manor, not marked on any map, lies the enchanted Murmuring Wood, where the sylphs and nature spirits play, and the trees talk, and brooks babble. Watched over by Imogen Crest the Hermit, when not at the Lemurian Hermitage, on a Grand Tour, or at the City of Ladies in Cyberia, it is usually a place of infinite peace, wisdom and exploration. Yet it also contains the magical
Faraway Tree, where Madame L’Enchanteur is mistress of many mysterious lands. Herself a mystery, no-one has ever been able to predict what will happen in Lemuria. Yet what is known is that no journey is done, but through the woods, and through the trees…


“Here we go round the mulberry bush
The mulberry bush, the mulberry bush
Here we go round the mulberry bush
So early in the morning…”
(Old English Nursery Rhyme.)


“A single fruit grew on that tree, a bright pomegranate fruit. Persephone stood up in the chariot and plucked the fruit from the tree. Then did Aidoneus prevail upon her to divide the fruit, and, having divided it, Persephone ate seven of the pomegranate seeds.”
-The Golden Fleece
by Padraic Colum

Persephone Poppy Seeds

Ancient Greek Mythology – Play – Marriage of Cupid and Psyche

Aphrodite: “Well, since I am obliged to hear the prayers of those who appeal in the name of love, I will speak to Cupid. But first you must accomplish several tasks. First separate this large bag of millet and poppy seeds into 2 piles by dawn.” (exit)

Psyche: “Well here’s one black seed, and there’s a white one. Here’s another black one. Oh, what am I thinking. There’s millions of these black and white seeds mixed together. I can never get them sorted before dawn. I’m lost.” (lies down)

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(copyright Imogen Crest 2006.)

20 Responses to “Woods Beyond Riversleigh”

  1. Wow! I could camp out here – it looks gorgeous.

  2. That’s a great idea! Camping is very welcome!

  3. This is a lovely site. The images are gorgeous.

  4. The trees are glad to have you here, Vi.

  5. The trees are lovely, the walk through them is restorative. But that pointillistic artwork knocks my hiking boots off! What is it? I’m completely enchanted by it. –Q

  6. The poppy seeds? Mystery solved 😉

  7. 12/30/06
    2:30 pm

    Yes! A walk in these magnificent woods is exactly what I need to recover from my jet lag/ disorientation. I’m going to follow some inviting trail and see what I find. Into the woods I go.


    I returned and discovered a comment I had made wasn’t here. So I added it.

  8. Beautiful Monika, just beautiful!! Balm for an upset mind!

  9. Sorry to be such a spoiler,,,here mulberry bushes look nothing like the pics the are huge trees…True they are laden with dark purple berries but the birds eat them and splash their products all over the clean wash on the line…Ya, if you use a dryer it is not so big a problem. Inspite, I grew one fr a single twig and cannot perform the coup de tete..instead I crop this sion of mine and hope for the best.

  10. To share the beauty of your native land is such a wonderful thing that you do, thinking of this makes me homesick at times for the place where I knew as a child the names of the trees, the flowers and which berries were safe for me to eat. How great must be the depth of your caring when you make these beautiful pictures. Fran

  11. Thanks so much for your comments, Fran, they are always so very welcome!

  12. The colours are so vibrant!

  13. Glad you liked the colours, Andrea. Enjoy!

  14. Happy New Year–snow seems to suit even in this weather. Fran

  15. That’s funny, Fran, because I thought the same thing! And now we have a good cool breeze flowing through. Must be the effect of the snowfalls, huge LOL!

  16. How even more beautiful does the falling snow, make it look. Thanks for the tip on the snow falls, pity it will not be ongoing.

  17. Good to see you here, Anne! Loving the snow!

  18. The snow adds an extra touch to the beauty of your site. Very lovely indeed!

  19. Thank you, Genece! It’s all a bit surreal, isn’t it?

  20. Wonderful, Monika. You should write the WordPress folks and convince them to make this feature available again in June for all the southern hemisphere folks.

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